A doctor doesn’t want a methadone clinic to open near his pediatrics office:

. . . such clinics often draw the ire of neighbors, who fear crime and drug problems will come with them. Some Roanoke residents vociferously protested a clinic there, even filing an unsuccessful suit to stop its opening.

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  • Flea

    If I thought it would create business for me three years ago, I wouldn’t have said a word!


  • Anonymous

    I love the “methadoners”. They show up in my ER uncresponsive and apneic after shooting up too much Heroin, then when we give them Narcan they wake up and demand their Methadone, since they were too high today to get to the clinic.

  • Anonymous

    Heck, this is right in keeping with the new initiatives in the public school systems mandating HIV education for kindergartners. Why NOT let the little ones see up close and personal one of the leading causes of this disease they’re supposed to be making sense of?

  • Anonymous

    Because an addict would feel no guilt assaulting a 5 year old in order to steal his lunch money, in my hood they’re holding people up with syringes containing their HIV-infected blood. You want this next door to your kindergarten?

  • Anonymous

    Let’s just make methadone available over the counter and forget about this money making scheme called Methadone clinics.
    These clinics don’t treat addiction. They just replace the addiction to a narcotic with another narcotic that these people also abuse.

  • Anonymous

    Why is sarcasm lost on some people?

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