Denied – a Canadian physician only takes patients younger than 55:

In these days of acute doctor shortages, it takes a lot more to get on a physician’s list than being first in line when a practice opens its doors.

At age 59, Edith Paulus knows she’s not as young as she used to be, but when she responded to a general practitioner’s ad for new patients in the local paper she never imagined she would be told she’s too old to be accepted.

After a two-year quest to find a family doctor in Barrie, which the health ministry has designated as under-serviced for family physicians, Paulus answered Dr. Derek Nesdoly’s ad and called his office in Midhurst, just west of Barrie, only to be told he wasn’t taking patients older than 55.

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  • SarahW

    I think the blog headline would be more accurate if it said “started taking patients only under 55″. The physician had filled up his roster with so many older patients, including some in their 80′s and 90′s, that he resorted to turning older patients away in order to be able to provide access to care for younger ones, especially young families.

    I don’t know that it’s kosher to use “affirmative action” of a sort to balance aCanadian practice, and I suspect it’s not… but it’s misleading to imply that the fellow has refused to take on any patients older than 55 in his new practice.

  • Frank

    Call me skeptical or call me cynical but I am a bit hard pressed to think he was trying to “balance” his patient mix. I would guess he was trying to balance his workload (which is somewhat understandable) However, his statement that he was “shocked” by the press coverage reflects either substantial naivete or a dismaying lack of social IQ.

  • Frank

    Call me skeptical or cynical but call me wrong–I should have done more than scan the article. My apologies. I am not sure about my comments on his naivete or social IQ.

  • Anonymous

    The doctor is in fact taking patients above 55 years of age. Please do not misrepresent the facts. The question is, is this an act against a physicians duty to treat, under most college acts/ regualtions?

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