29% of radiologists said they would not choose medicine if they could decide their career paths all over again. Not sure what they have to complain about. With all the defensive medicine being practiced, radiologists stand to benefit the most.

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  • Anonymous

    Ummm, maybe it’s because you are capriciously ordering scores of “emergency” exams on underinsured non-ill patients in the middle of the night and in the busiest part of the day?

  • Anonymous

    Ummmmm….and maybe it’s because of incompetent physicians ordering radiology exams without first performing an adequate history and physical.

  • Anonymous

    History and Physical? In American Medicine? Have fun defending H & P diagnoses in court!! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha HA!

  • Anonymous

    Well there is an answer to the “radiologist” shortage. Train more of them. The number of US seniors wishing to get into radiology outstrips the number of residency slots. Little wonder, the pay is on the high end of medicine and the lifestyle is better than most fields in medicine (except interventional). Of course the question is will the government pay for more residency slots? My opinion would be no. With respect to anon 2:15/4:13, my guess is you haven’t seen a “real patient” in some time.

  • gasman

    So is 29% high, low, or about the average for a medical specialty. How about compared to the typical professional, or just the average working joe in america.

    Everybody enters professions with glamorous ideas of how the work will always be stimulating, the decisions tough (but not too tough), pay good, hours reasonable, colleagiality, and so on. Then reality hits. It is so for all professions. I was an engineer before medicine; not in it long enough to burn out myself but I saw it happen to the people who stayed. That a third would choose differently if afforded the opportunity to start over is not a big surprise. I like what I’m doing, but would try something different just for grins the next time around.

  • Anonymous

    So, so true, gasman.


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