What’s causing deficits in the UK Health System? Is it the rising cost of medication, or the increasing expensive technology of modern treatment and diagnostic tests? No, it’s blamed on physician pay raises. Laughable.

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  • Anonymous

    What, you mean everyone else’s take is responsible for the ills of the health care system, but not physicians’?

    Irony. Gotta love it.

  • Anonymous

    “The latest to come to light is in Kent where local health bosses at South West Kent and Maidstone Weald primary care trusts have told doctors not to carry out any new elective operations or outpatient appointments apart from in the most urgent cases until the next financial year.”
    I don’t think americans even imagine what socialized medicine actually means.

  • Anonymous

    Sure, doctors take a chunk of money out of the healthcare budget. Why shouldnt they?

    But when you start bringing in outsiders like lawyers and businessmen and they start taking chunks of money, its not the same thing as paying doctors.

    Doctors (with nurses and other members of the healthcare team) make the healthcare system work, there would be no healthcare system without doctors. However we would be just fine without lawyers and middle management taking their cut.

    If the UK doctors did in fact get a large pay increase, then certainly maybe that should be revisited and canceled. But I doubt thats the case.

    In the United States, doctors incomes account for about 20% of all healthcare spending. There’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Anonymous

    “But when you start bringing in outsiders like lawyers and businessmen and they start taking chunks of money, its not the same thing as paying doctors.”

    What percentage do lawyers take? 1/2 of 1%? Their clients may take some, but since they turn around and pay it back in the form of future medicals, or in the form of reimbursing previously paid medical bills to their health insurer, it’s a net wash.

    What about businessmen? Doesn’t someone have to manage the hospital that pays the physician’s salary?

    You wouldn’t be just fine without the middlemen. You wouldn’t have any money. When victims of malpractice need your services to treat the harm in the future, how is that going to get paid if not for the lawyers helping them get money for it? Or are you volunteering to do all that work pro bono?

    Who is going to coordinate all the various aspects of keeping a hospital running? A physician who is still going to practice on the side? How will they have time for that? Who is going to negotiate contracts with health insurers? Be in charge of purchasing new equipment? Hiring staff? Physicians or businessmen/middle management?

    Why is 20% an acceptable number? Why wouldn’t 15% be?

  • Anonymous

    It appears that maybe that 20% includes some ill-gotten gains:


    Medical insurance companies erroneously overcharged the federal health insurance program by $35 million during a six-month period, while companies and doctors bilked the plan out of more than $55 million during the same timeframe, a newly released audit report shows.

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