Washington Post: “Hundreds of very live Americans are walking around with pieces of the wrong dead people inside of them.

A macabre scandal has spread from a body-harvesting lab in New Jersey to hospitals as far away as Florida, Nebraska and Texas as hundreds of people discover that they have received tissue and bone carved from looted corpses.”

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  • gasman

    Humans at their worst. Given the opportunity for a quick buck, an apparent low probability for getting caught, and the belief that ‘somebody’ ought to be making some good of these parts otherwise going to waste…

    At its best it’s a bit macabre to have a bit of another human implanted. On the other hand, having some known celebrity blood out there could enhance the acceptability of both donation and receipt. Ever since my surgery I’ve had a liking for the tune from Masterpiece Theater….. Da Da Dum Dum Dum Dum….

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