A study suggests that Dads in the delivery room do more harm than good:

But nowadays he is expected to be in the delivery room witnessing every stage of baby’s arrival – even if it is a caesarean.

While his job is to help his partner through her ordeal, however, he could be making things worse for her and the child, it is claimed.

Instead of reassuring her, he tends to pass on his fears that something might go wrong – affecting not only her levels of pain but also her chances of breastfeeding and bonding, says a report.

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  • SarahW

    Meh. My Dad-in-the-delivery-room was very helpful to me (the c-sectioned one)and to father-son bonding. Dad first held our lad, who calmed and smiled at him. And My husband was the first to show me my baby.

    I’m the catastrophizer in the relationship , so it was great to have hims there, supporting me and making me feel calm.

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