Sometimes treating patients means not doing everything they say. “For medical consumers, there is a message here: good medicine sometimes means that the customer – I mean patient – isn’t always right.

Or even happy.”

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  • hippocrates
  • Samson Isberg

    I read a sign (in a bar, to be honest, but truth can be found in the weirdest places): “If you believe that “service” means “sucking up to the customer”, you have misunderstood.”
    Saying “no” to patients is something I do all the time. If they will not listen to reason, I can always tell them: “If you really want this operation, you are welcome to see as many doctors as you like. In the end you will find one stupid enough to do the surgery. Then your blood will be on his hands” – That ususally does the trick.

  • Anonymous

    brilliant samson

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