“Quite frankly, my eggs are rotting.” Says an oncologist while trying to seduce “The Bachelor”.

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  • Anonymous

    Lots of professional women – not necessarily doctors – can identify. I was where she is throughout my 30s – until my ovaries failed at 38; actually before, but at 38 it was finally diagnosed. Then there was a rush to find somebody even quicker to try to get my 5% chance. Wish I had artificial insemination at 32. She should do it if she wants kids.

  • Anonymous

    She chose the wrong specialty. She should have chosen orthopedics or ER. Those are the only specialties young healthy men are likely to see.

  • Anonymous

    she comes off as a real headcase….she is obviously desperate despite her claims otherwise…

    she reminds of a person who talks about food all day long but then insists she’s not obsessed with it.

    We all make choices in life. If she wants to have kids, then expand your search net and settle for a compatible mate. Sounds like she wants it all–and has nobody to blame but herself.

  • Carol

    I want one of those “My eggs are rotting” T-sirts, but I under that phrase I want in big, slashing red letters the word “FINALLY!”

  • Anonymous

    Anon 10:51 – you really have no clue. Go on any singles website and look at the number of single 30-something women, many if not most of them quite pretty. Then look at the 30-something and early 40s males, substract those who are looking for under-30 women. See how few of them specify “marriage and family”. Add to it, that if you have a certain level of education you are looking for something compatible. An oncologist isn’t likely to have much interests in common with a track driver. Neither is an engineer or a scientist. Out of the experiment try to go on a date with few available guys – most of them want sex on the 3rd date, once you tell them you want to wait and get to know them first, they are gone. So much for wanting a “serious relationship”.
    Granted she shouldn’t have said it directly – by saying it she told the guy that she only wants him to have a baby. But she might’ve thought it was a joke.

    Carol – be grateful that you had full benefits of those sex hormones which come with these eggs. If you don’t understand how lucky you are, go to earlymenopause.com or pofsupport.org. See the health risks associated with eggs that rotted too early.
    Those who have plenty of food is not likely to understand whose who suffer from hunger.

  • Anonymous

    I always thought that every individual ought to be loved for his/her own sake.

    I used to think that a woman ought to choose a husband out of love, not because he was a sperm donor.

    I always thought that children were persons to be loved in their own right, not some sort of treatment given to women with mental needs or urges.

    Seems I was wrong.

  • Anonymous

    I used to think that a woman ought to choose a husband out of love, not because he was a sperm donor. …
    Absolutely. These are all great words and absolute truths. So, if a woman wants to have children does it mean she will not love them for their own accord? Does any woman who wants to have children wants them “to satisfy an urge”? Newsflash – most women have this urge. Why would so many go through the pain of fertility treatments if they didn’t have this urge?

    What makes you think she doesn’t want to find a man she loves? I assure you, just because she wants to find a man soon doesn’t mean she’ll marry anyone. Otherwise, she’d be married by now.

    Everyone is judging her because she openly said what 90% of single women are thinking (the remaining 10% are those who’s never wanted to have kids). It doesn’t make her neurotic or a mental case. Stupid – probably; nobody talks openly about this stuff to a man one barely knows, especially on TV. But at least she is honest and not a hypocrite – like some of her “judges” are.

    I’ll spell it out for you since you cannot seem to understand it. She wants to find love, to marry someone and have a family – as most women. She has plenty of love to give but nobody to love. She is 33. If she finds some guy who wants to date for 2 years, she’ll be 35. After 35 your ability to have children is significantly reduced, with every year that goes by after 30, the health risks to the child are increased. So she either have to forget about having children or she needs to find a man she can love who will also want a family. But with most men who wanted a family being already married and the remaining ones looking for young things or just for fun, her choice is limited.

    Let me guess – you have children and family. Good for you. But don’t presume to judge others who are less lucky.

  • Anonymous

    From anon 10:24. Never mind what I said – the issue just brought back some memories.
    Just saw this woman on TV. She is an idiot. Not only did she say “I am ready for reproduction” (not “I want to have children” but “for reproduction”!), but she also got upset that he didn’t choose her and started telling “but I make $1600 a day”. After this performance the only men she’ll attract are those who want her money.

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