PointofLaw.com on how the liability system costs lives – in this case, talking about a drug for HIV prophylaxis:

“In part because the prospect of harming a healthy person raises formidable liability issues for Gilead Sciences, tenofovir’s manufacturer, the company says it has no interest in marketing the drug as a prophylaxis, even if trials prove that it works.”

Peter Huber in Liability long ago argued that our liability system can cost more lives than it saves. As The New York Times Magazine article notes, the human cost imposed by our liability system can be profound indeed: “Optimistic mathematical models [that do not account for behavioral changes stemming from the presence of a prophylaxis] show that if tenofovir PrEP is effective 90 percent of the time and is used by 90 percent of the people who are at highest risk of becoming infected, it could cut new H.I.V. infections in a community by more than 80 percent in a few years.”

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  • Anonymous

    Point of Law – always good for a chuckle. They also blamed 9/11 on plaintiff’s attorney’s too. Not only are you the victim of negligence now, you’re also one of OBL’s henchmen!

    Thank God we have Corporate America and its attorneys’ and spokespeople at Point of Law and Overlawyered to save us!

  • Anonymous

    No. Thank God we have the American Trial Lawyers Association to give us their unskewed version of the truth. Someone’s got to stand up for those 400 pound women slipping on the “wet spot” in the local Piggly Wiggly. We’re better off trusting Hamas over these sodomites.

  • Anonymous

    Of course, it’s a complete lie that Point of Law blamed 9/11 on plaintiffs’ attorneys.

    What’s not a lie is that plaintiffs’ attorneys blamed a terrorist attack on the World Trade Center on New York taxpayers.

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