NY Times on Sharon’s stroke. “While some experts supported the extraordinary treatments that were used to try to save Mr. Sharon’s life, and others opposed them, all agreed that Mr. Sharon’s Israeli doctors were working at the very edges of medicine’s lifesaving capacities, with little experience and few studies to guide them.”

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  • gasman

    How about Pat Robertson on Sharon’s stroke.

    What a nut case. Pat states that the stroke is the handiwork of god. As is the HIV plague on the gays, Katrina on New Orleans, the Tsunami on all of its victims. He also thinks the CIA should assasinate foreign presidents.

    Pat is a hemorrhoid on the backside of America.

  • Maurice Bernstein, M.D.

    On my blog today, I have raised an ethical question which, though maybe not pertaining to the treatment response to Sharon’s cerebral hemorrhage, should be discussed. My post is titled
    “Does Standards of Medical Practice Change for a King?” Well.. does it? ..Maurice.

  • Chuck

    Yes the standard of care is probably different for him, and unfortunately, he will probably suffer a fate worse than death as he hangs onto life on a ventilater and undergoes futile surgeries.

    Agree with gasman as well. I am a chrisian but Pat robertson is a whack job and a hemmorhoid. It is a shame that people like him and Jesse Jackson somehow become images for demographic that they “mis”represent.

  • jb

    Entirely OT, but the difference between Pat Robertson and Jesse Jackson is this: when Robertson delivers an idiotic statement like he has this week, fellow right-wingers are the first to denounce it and separate themselves from his idiocy. When Jackson says something idiotic, it’s Thursday as far as his left wing allies are concerned.

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