NY Times on the NJ state medical school corruption scandal. “The most egregious wrong, to our mind, was the double-billing of Medicaid for the care provided to poor people. Doctors were billing for the services they provided at university clinics, and the university was separately billing for the same services, generating almost $5 million in extra payments at latest count. What makes this double-billing especially reprehensible is that university officials were warned by internal whistle-blowers and outside counsel years ago that the practice was probably illegal. Those responsible for continuing the overcharging scheme deserve to be indicted.”

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  • Anonymous

    Hard to defend deliberate double-billing. It’s wrong.

    I would like to know just how many fair claims were unfairly denied to the university by the same Medicaid agency during the period over which these alleged double billings occurred. Would the NYT think that was just as newsworthy?

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