Meth cases are straining emergency rooms. “The problem was particularly intense in the middle of the country: 70 percent of hospitals in the Midwest and 80 percent in the Upper Midwest said methamphetamine accounted for 10 percent of their patients. Nationwide, 14 percent of the hospitals said such cases made up 20 percent of their emergency room visits.”

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  • Anonymous

    I think I work in the Meth capital of the world. It is an annoyance to slightly amusing, such as the triage chief complaint of “feeling anxious and jittery after using meth”. Duh. That is like “feeling drunk after drinking alcohol”. People are so stupid. I just can’t fathom that we are a “world superpower”.

  • Dribear

    In the ER in which I work in the Midwest (Minnesota), we see an enormous number of meth case. I believe 10% is probably an accurate number.

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