A doctor is put on probation for borrowing $177,000 from an elderly patient. “Doctors are ethically barred from borrowing money from patients under rules set by the American Medical Association because the transaction could cause tension in the doctor-patient relationship and compromise the patient’s care.”

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  • Dr Dork

    Oh dear.

    Do not stop.

    Do not pass Go, nor collect $200.

    Straight to jail.

  • DrTony

    So what happens if I walk into the loan department at my bank and the loan officer was my patient in the ER the night before?

  • Anonymous

    One thing I didn’t understand from the article: it said that the doctor agreed to pay some part of the loan to the family — shouldn’t he return all of it?

    Silly me, I thought that when I borrow money I should return all of it.

  • Dr Dork

    Well, Dr Tony, you don’t have on ongoing therapeutic relationship then.

    That’s the line in the sand. Methinks.

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