Disciplined for treating pain. Another physician is sanctioned for prescribing chronic narcotics:

“Part of the way we treat pain is to balance the medications that we give to patients with the control of their pain but also with how well they are able to function,” Oujiri said. “We realize in many cases we can’t completely eliminate the pain, so we treat it to the level where the patient is able to carry on with their daily functions of life, knowing they will still have underlying pain.”

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  • Lola

    The case involves a patient identified as R.C. who regularly visited and called Oujiri from October 2001 to September 2003 to receive prescriptions for various types of painkillers. Oujiri, along with other doctors, refilled her prescriptions for Vicodin, Darvocet, Oxycodone, OxyCotin and numerous other painkillers.

    This is the problem here… This patient was on highly addictive painkillers…

    The Dr. needed to get more educated about the actual “addictive part” Now the patient has a problem w/ pain and an added addiction.

    So what now???

    I have always said diet plays a part in almost EVERYTHING!!!