Banning cell phones in hospitals may do more harm than good. “The prohibition against mobile phones in hospitals may do more harm than good, a new report reveals.

Medical facilities prohibit cell phone use, but some doctors already use them. And it turns out they reduce medical errors because communication is more timely, a new study finds.

Mobile phones rarely cause electronic magnetic interference, Yale School of Medicine researchers reported today.”

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  • gasman

    How much time do patients and their families spend on the phone? It seems that at least half of my bedside visits must either compete with a phone call or interrupt a phone call.

    I wish my hospital would make an affirmative leap forward in cell phone reception. Too many areas of the building are dead spots. They could negotiate a deal for an exclusive antenna and router for this medical campus. The cell provider would get hundreds and perhaps thousands of new customers, mostly switchovers from other providers. The hospital would get a robust backup system to the phones because the antenna would use hospital backup power and be designed to function as a local network even if the rest of the cell network in the city went down as would be expected in a crisis.

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