Americans seem to worry about the wrong diseases:

A disease like diabetes gallops practically out of control, with estimates that 21 million Americans have it and 45 million more could develop it. Yet relatively few people worry about it or alter their behavior to postpone or possibly prevent its onset.

On the other hand, just the mention of flesh-eating disease, a staph infection that affects maybe 1,500 Americans each year, is enough to make many people anxious. And a news report on avian flu, which has yet to affect anyone in the United States, generates calls to personal physicians from patients eager to stock up on anti-flu drugs.

Americans, it seems, are always worrying about the wrong illnesses.

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  • dougnut eating chain smoking RN

    Isn’t that the truth! Cheeseburgers and chips, 300 lbs, blood sugar of 300, BP 200/100 and the masses don’t seem to care. But give me that PSA test, scan my head because it hurts, and give me that “magic clotbuster drug” when I do have a stroke. We need a virus pandemic that attacks the dumb, stupid, fat, and lazy to thin the herd.

  • Dr Dork

    I think that also can be attributed, in part at least, to the use of fear by commercial media to generate interest.

    Chronic disease just ain’t headline material, perhaps ?

  • Dr. Dagny T.

    Or perhaps, it is too difficult for patients to take responsibility for their own health and would prefer the quick fix pill or antibiotic?

  • Dr Dork

    Yes, that as well Dr Dagny…lot easier to yearn for a “polypill” than expend the effort involved in a “polymeal” :)

  • Anonymous

    I think it is more of an excitement factor (btw – I am not a doctor and I am slim and non-smoking and don’t like either tests or pills), but laziness is probably also a factor. Also chronic deseases kill slowly.

    We need a virus pandemic that attacks the dumb, stupid, fat, and lazy to thin the herd.
    One doesn’t need a virus pandemic for that. As it is pointed out in many places on the internet just removing all the warnings will take care of the problem.

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