Some parents mistake masturbation in infant girls for a movement disorder, leading to unnecessary doctor visits.


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  • Anonymous

    I know a doc who tells parents their child’s tic or myoclonic jerk is masturbation. I’m surprised she hasn’t been punched yet (though she’s a nice little old lady. Me, I just CT the little bugger’s heads to cover my ass, like the rest of us lawyer avoiders.

  • Anonymous

    “I just CT the little bugger’s heads to cover my ass”

    Be careful and make sure CT is indicated. We may all get sued when these kids grow up and exhibit some deficit in their cognitive abilities as the following study shows from the BMJ, Jan. 2004:

    This study states that low ionizing radiation that is being delivered by CT on the brain of children less than 18 months old can adversely affect their cognitive ability, except spatial ability, in adulthood.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, I cut off part of the link.
    This is the link:

  • Anonymous

    Highly unlikely we’ll get sued for inducing cancer in 20 years when the kids develop cancer. The probability is MUCH greater you’ll get sued for missing the proverbial “needle in a haystack”. Thus almost automatic to irradiate kids to cover your ass. Unfortunate, but it’s what’s going on around the country.

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