An experimental treatment for head lice turns out to be OTC Cetaphil. “Dr. Dale Pearlman of Menlo Park, California, got a lot of publicity last year when the journal Pediatrics published his study of a treatment for lice that he called Nuvo lotion. But in a letter to the editor for release Monday in December’s Pediatrics, Pearlman says the treatment ‘was actually Cetaphil cleanser.’ Pearlman said he was hoping to get rich. When that didn’t happen, he says, he decided to come clean.”

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  • Anonymous

    Tracy – Did it work for you?

    Has anyone tried to repeat this guy’s study? I’ve been looking in Medline and can’t find anything except comments on how he charged all the money for Cetaphil. Parents with kids with lice want to know if this works. Will someone repeat it?

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