Doctor Stories #10: Three Opinions

From Intueri:

Children should not be permitted to sing Christmas carols in the intensive care unit. People who have yet to lose all of their primary teeth do not need to catch glimpses of unconscious people who require mechanical ventilators to breathe. People who still have several years before they experience puberty do not need to witness people groaning with pain and discomfort while nurses pull bloody gauze packing out of a gaping surgical wound. People who do not (theoretically) understand what death fully entails (but then again, how many of us truly comprehend all the details of the cessation of life?) should not be allowed into the intensive care unit which is so often the antechamber that leads to death’s door.

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  • Anonymous

    No, instead they can sit at home and watch the exact same thing on the evening news, play it on their X-BOX, or, if they live in my “hood” just go outside and watch teenagers shoot and stab each other.

  • Kathleen

    I agree with you Doc! Having just come out of ICU myself…We did have some adults who came by to sing and play instruments for us. That was very heart warming to say the least…but young children?? No way…

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