Another cerebral palsy malpractice verdict. This time, caused by a case of persistent hyperinsulinemic hypoglycemia of infancy. This is a genetic disorder that occurs in about 1:30,000 live births.

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  • Samson Isberg

    Exactly why is the hospital to blame here, pray tell? Is discharge from the maternity wars after 2 days “premature”? A childbirth is actually not a pathological condition, but a naturally occuring, physiological phenomenon. Why should she be kept in hospital at all?

  • Anonymous

    Because they were the ones with deep pockets.

  • Anonymous

    Because Dr. Samson Isberg this is the USA and not Scandinavia where you practice. When there is a bad outcome here someone has to pay whether or not malpractice occurred.

    Note to CJD and Elliot I am not commenting on this case specifically so keep your self-rightous pontificating about “knowing this case specifically” to yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Of course you’re not commenting on a case specifically, your ignorance is a very general kind.

    As far as holding the hospital liable, it may be the theory of respondeat superior.


  • Anonymous

    “your ignorance is a very general kind.”

    As opposed to your ignorance of medicine specifically.

  • Anonymous

    But who else is going to pay…..for the the life of this child…..a disciple of Jesus…..of course the hospital is liable…for all the little ones…oh the horrors…the fornication…

  • Anonymous

    I am confused. The plaintiff lawyer said the baby had “low temperature” and “weak appetite”

    Uhh how low was the temp? Are we talking like 97? Or like 93?

    98.6 is just an average temperature. Its normal for people to have 97 or even 96 core temp too.

    Also, “weak appetite” is not enough cause to keep a baby in the hospital. You discharge the baby, and tell them to come back if the baby still has weak apetite and not eating after a day or so.

    In conclusion, you dont hospitalize people for “weak apetite” and “low temp” unless the temp is very low

  • Anonymous

    “In conclusion, you dont hospitalize people for “weak apetite” and “low temp” unless the temp is very low”

    None of this shit matters. All that matters is that you find a physician who, under oath for cash, is willing to say you do hospitalize these patients, or even better to testify for cash, that it’s the standard of care.

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