A 42-year old film producer dies unexpectedly after complaining of neck pain. “Film producer Gregg Hoffman, who developed an eight-minute film into the horror hit “Saw” and its gory successor “Saw II,” died unexpectedly after complaining of pain. He was 42.

Hoffman died Sunday at Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital, where he had been admitted after developing neck pain, his business partners said. He died of natural causes, according to a news release from Lions Gate Entertainment, which distributed his recent films. An autopsy was planned.”

Possible carotid artery dissection?

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  • Anonymous

    probably a run of the mill MI is my guess

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, atypical angina with MI.

  • Anonymous

    Run of the mill transverse myelitis. CJD and Doc Elliot are already enroute and on the case.

  • Greg P

    Even a complete carotid occlusion from dissection would be unlikely to kill.

    We had a patient at the hospital I mainly attend that died of multiple dissections after a roller coaster ride – very particular, very unusual situation.

  • Anonymous

    I thought carotid dissections had a pretty grim prognosis…with risk of death somewhere up near 75%…

    Hoffman looks kind of overweight in his photos, not marfan-y, and he was young, but not super-young at 42. So I guess the horse here is MI with angina.

    The reports sure did make a big deal about sudden serious neck pain, as if it had been his only symptom.

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