Voters reject both malpractice initiatives in Washington.

Update –
Here are the numbers:
Initiative 330
Yes 443,102 47.69%
No 486,124 52.31%

Initiative 336
Yes 387,021 42.09%
No 532,472 57.91%

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  • Maria

    The fine print for both initiatives included fragments that were dissatisfying and, in my opinion, unfair–and I think both “sides” did an excellent job in encouraging voters to carefully consider the details.

  • Anonymous

    “Jerry Lord of Olympia said he voted against most of the initiatives, including I-330 and I-336. He said he wanted doctors to show clearly how much of a percentage cut in malpractice insurance premiums would have resulted from the measure’s passage.

    “If they had given a number, I might have voted for it,” Lord said.

    The doctors’ campaign made many bold claims, but could never quite prove they were true. For instance, I-330 blamed skyrocketing medical malpractice insurance premiums on “jackpot” jury decisions and said they were driving doctors out of the state.

    But data from the insurance commissioner showed that malpractice premiums had gone down this year and cases weren’t skyrocketing; other state data showed the number of licensed doctors climbing.”

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