They’re coming out with an antibacterial cell phone. (via Medgadget)


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  • MedSleuth

    Is this to protect the phone, or the person? If it is the phone, are phones prone to damage due to bacteria and viruses? That is news to me.

    If it is the person, it represents yet one more example of overkill in our microbe-phobic society. With everything under the sun becoming antimicrobial, we are contributing to mutation into superbugs that may end up having the last laugh.

    I’ll stick to my standard, non-sterile cell phone.

  • kateykakes

    For someone who is a germaphobic (moi), I couldn’t even read the article. It’s one of those where you shake your head and say, “WTH?” because it’s absolutely ridiculous.

    I’d be more concerned w/ a public pay phone than a personal cell phone (which, believe it or not, I don’t even have).

    If I had to use a public pay phone, I’d first wipe the sucker down with alcohol pads that I keep in the first aid kit in my car, or the few I keep in my handbag.

    I don’t like touching railings, sinks or doorknobs in public places, etc. Maybe I sound overly paranoid, but I seriously skeeve other people most times. Way too many have disgusting habits.

  • Anonymous

    Do people share cell phones? Doesn’t make sense to me…
    Sounds like a marketing thing: come up with a new “thing” than convince people they need it. When I read this post I thought I could “invent” something else antibacterial, e.g. computer mouse or keyboard, but I guess somebody bit me to it:

    Of course, growing up in Russia, spending summers in villages without plumbing, and eating dirty strawberries every summer (and surviving all of this to tell the story) I tend to be less paranoid when it comes to germs. My mom has always had this completely unscientific opinion that some germ exposure is necessary for a healthy immune system. This is, of course, completely unscientific, but while I am healthy I find it difficult to worry about this stuff.