retired doc wonders about FPs giving CME drug talks. “So why are they chosen to speak about certain topics to a group that typically consists of FPs, NPs and internists? Maybe they believe that if primary care docs listen to another primary care doctor who is apparently very comfortable in managing bipolar patients,they will have fewer qualms in prescribing the latest atypical antipsychotic medication for the next bipolar patient. Is the message crafted to be ‘we, primary care doctors, do not need to refer bipolar and BPH patients to the psychiatrists and urologists, we will just prescibe drug x and drug y’”?

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  • Anonymous

    Maybe, the message is there are so few available psychiatrists,etc,that primary care physicians are forced to become more comfortable with these diagnoses and meds. Also there are many primary care physicians ,who have increased their expertise in many areas.Their ability to focus on the types of patients usually presenting to the office rather than the er or hospital floor,can be very helpful.Finally ,I don’t know any physician who doesn’t take drug company sponsored talks with a large grain of salt
    Don’t get me wrong.I thoroughly enjoy Retired doc’s blog.

    William Barrett MD

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