The New Yorker talks medical malpractice:

There have been a number of studies showing that, the worse the outcome, the more likely a lawsuit is to happen. It’s not necessarily closely tied to whether that outcome was the result of a clear mistake. Obstetrics is probably the most notable example of a field in which controversy over causation arises. For instance, it seems more and more likely that cerebral palsy is not likely to be related to a catastrophic delivery but occurs gradually over the course of a pregnancy. In Senator John Edwards’s book, “Four Trials,” for example, he talks about a cerebral-palsy malpractice case that won his client seven figures, but elsewhere acknowledges that there are now doubts about whether cerebral palsy is caused by errors.

(via Red State Moron)

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t think Obstetrics should even be considered a medical specialty any more. It should be considered a dumping ground for FMG’s and un-informed, immature medical students who don’t umderstand what they are getting into. Why would you enter a profession where all you do is worry all day about getting sued? They should do away with the specialty and force woman to travel outside the U.S. to deliver their babies. I think the asbestos industry is the only one more exploited by Lawyers than OB-GYN.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t forget the silicon/autoimmune disease farce cooked up by the ambulance chasers.

  • Anonymous

    First you anonymice carry the banner for the insurance industry, then the nursing home industry, and now asbestos?

    I guess you’re not too worried about being known by the company you keep!


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