New Orleans health care is still in dire straits. “At the emergency room at Oschner Clinic Foundation in neighboring Jefferson Parish, visits are up 35 percent over this time a year ago, the number of uninsured patients has tripled and some wait as long as 10 hours for care, emergency chief Joseph Guarisco said.

But for most of the 25,000 clean-up workers — many of them uninsured — and an estimated 75,000 residents, health care is delivered in military tents that recently moved from a parking lot to the concrete floor of the convention center.

“Now my fear is the entire country will think it’s appropriate to care for our patients in a tent,” said Peter DeBlieux, director of resident training at Charity. ‘I don’t think the rest of the country appreciates we are seeing people in a tent.’” (via Health Business Blog)

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  • The Wizard

    The city just shut down some free prenatal care and nutrition programs by the Rainbow People and Barefoot Doctors in Washington Square Park because some of the neighbors didn’t like it. What another black eye for the ciy. Better in a tent than none at all. And they have the nerve to ask Congress for money when they won’t take free volunteers.

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