The miracle man cured of HIV is under pressure to undergo more testing:

A man who claims to be the first in the world whose immune system has been able to beat the HIV virus was facing mounting pressure yesterday to submit to further vital medical tests. Health experts, Aids campaigners and gay rights activists urged Andrew Stimpson to come forward following claims that he has been able to rid his body of the virus after taking little more than vitamins.

Activists say that if the claims are true, the phenomenon could potentially bring countless benefits to millions of people infected with HIV. There are more than 53,000 in the UK alone.

Orac chimes in.


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  • HIV+DaveyBoy

    If his body cured itself of HIV, I hope doctors can figure out how it was done as he has no idea. I am wondering if maybe he got his HIV testing results simply got mixed up at the lab? It’s happened before…

    I hope he will agree to further tests to figure out how this happened, my son’s future (and millions of others, possibly a billion over the next 100 years) may just depend on a cure it as his mother and I have AIDS :(