A hospital settles despite multiple mammograms and ultrasounds for a breast lump. “Mrs Walker, now 53, first went to see her local GP in April 1999 after noticing a lump on her left breast.

Her doctor referred the mother-of-two to the Northern General Hospital where she underwent the standard triple test of a clinical examination, mammogram, and a fine needle biopsy.

She was given the all clear.

‘They did not get a clear result from the fine needle test but they did a mammogram and said that there was nothing to worry about, it was just a few gristly lumps,’ she said.

A year later Mrs Walker noticed her left nipple was discoloured and inverted.

In August 2000 she returned to her doctor and he once again referred her to the Northern General.

‘They did another mammogram and ultrasound and said there was nothing sinister and not to worry but I was not happy because by that time I was getting a shooting pain and it was a horrible colour,’ she said.”

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  • Anonymous

    Isn’t the failure here, a failure to obtain an unambiguous biopsy, and then failure to timely do a repeat when she returned with significant symptoms?

  • Greg P

    Interesting that, in that part of the world, she settled for £20,000!

  • Anonymous

    She doesn’t have to worry about past or future medical care expenses. It’s not really surprising.


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