A gynecologist is in trouble for attempting a tubal ligation without realizing the patient was pregnant. “The patient also told the gynaecologist she had been tested and was not pregnant and on that basis he decided to go ahead with the procedure.

The gynaecologist – known in the commissioner’s report, which removes names, as Dr B – said he was under pressure to make a yes or no decision. He believed that if he had put off the surgery to a later date the woman would have been unlikely to come back.”

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why we even bother to ask women if they are pregnant. We should just ask them to give us a urine, since it’s been studied and we know they lie 20% of the time.

  • S.

    They lie or are in denial, or simply don’t know.

    District health board policy requires all women of child-bearing age to have a negative pregnancy test before a tubal ligation. The patient had blood taken before surgery, but the results were not recorded on her file.

    The doc was in trouble because he skirted the rules and didn’t do the test. The test has to be done even if the patient is denying pregnancy.

  • Anonymous

    Is there such a thing as personal responsibility? The woman said there was no way she was pregnant, she lied that she had a negative test. She clearly is responsible herself.
    I am a female patient, btw., who is infertile… so I really hate when women lie about being pregnant.

  • S

    The law in New Zealand is, the doctor must obtain and document a negative pregnancy test.

    It’s irrelevent what the patient says, it doesn’t change the rule.

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