Cold medicines will be harder to find next year. “Starting Jan. 1, some owners of minimarkets in the state are expected to stop selling popular medications such as Sudafed, Actifed and Claritin because a new state law requires them to log each sale and obtain the signature of every buyer.”


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  • Anonymous

    These legislators are going crazy.

  • dn

    A BASF plant has laid off 15% of its workers citing declining demand for pseudoephedrine.

  • Greg P

    Probably not Claritin, but rather Claritin-D,

  • Sudafedup

    This “war on sick people” has already occurred in Virginia.

    I can only obtain Sudafed from a licensed pharmacy, I must present picture ID and have my complete name and address copied each time into a formal log describing the time, date and number of boxes I purchase (I may purchase no more than three, and am limited to a total purchase 100 doses in thirty days.) I must put up with short stocks (since customers hoard to avoid inconvenience) and dirty suspicious/irritated looks from pharmacists who wonder why I (9who must be some kind of dirty criminal) won’t use the “alternatives” and save them the effort of logging my purchase.

    This despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of methamphetaminein the state is the red stuff made in commercial-style laboratories from Mexico, and the relatively minor “meth lab” problem has been mainly restricted to the hillbilly side of the state,
    that psuedoephedrine is safe and effective for for over the counter use, superior to other medication alternatives. It was passed “just in case” first responders might be exposed to fumes from a meth lab.

    In my view, I don’t even care if the law curtails home labs –
    The logical way to deal with the meth problem is to revise law so that the “usual idiots” may purchase and consume all the damn amphetamines they want without feeling the need to cook up batches at home from OTC meds and caustic chemicals. Leave normal people the hell alone.

  • JimK

    This has already caused problems for me. Like many folks, I have allergies that have been reduced thanks to years of allergy shots and prescriptions and now can function on over the counter meds. Not long ago, I flew into Oklahoma City, arriving about 11 PM. It was immediately clear that something was blooming to which I was allergic. The clerk at the first convenience store I came to informed me that I needed to go to a pharmacy to get sudafed and there weren’t any nearby that were open that late. I received similar news from the Marriott clerk. After a sleepless night, I was less than effective at work the next day. Now I buy a couple boxes at a time a keep them in my luggage so I won’t face this again.

    I think we ought to let the meth lab people have all they need since as careless as many are, they will soon be out of business when they blow themselves up.