10 percent of children ages 2 to 5 have “obvious” psychiatric illness.

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  • Anonymous

    A tenth of our children have “serious psychiatric illness”?

    Please. Can we for just a moment allow kids who do not conform to our ever tightening definitions of tollerable behavior to avoid a serious clinical label. Society needs to relax and allow kids who are slight outliers the freedom to develop normally without treating them as pathologic beings.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly. I was pretty inattentive as a child. I could be daydreaming and not hear what was said; I could make a silly spelling or arithmetic mistake like not add 1 and 2, yet be able to solve a pretty complex math problem which required logical thinking at the same time; come up with a pretty interesting combinational move in chess only to accidentally sacrifice the queen. I managed to get decent grades simply because I was able to understand stuff quickly.

    I bet if I were growing up now and in the US, somebody would have “diagnosed” me with ADD or something similar.

    I heard some brilliant people of the past were pretty absent-minded. Not that I am one of them, but I wonder if by giving everyone drugs and making everyone fit into some average standard of “normal”, we rid the world of the future from great scientists or artists. After all mediocrity is pretty normal, isn’t it?

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