A widow in the UK wants the sue the hospital after her husband contracted MRSA.


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  • Anonymous

    “I want them to pay for what they have done. I have lost my husband. He went in for a prick on his toe and now he’s dead. ”

    Wow! The Monkey crap is infectious like the bird flu. Now they’re suing in Great Britain based on outcome and not based on negligence. Doc Elliot and CJD should stop spending their afternoons jerking and head overseas.

  • beajerry

    I suspect there’s probably more to that case than MRSA.

  • Anonymous

    There is no point to national health care. Everyone will still want it all, want it all free, and want something when there is a bad outcome.

  • Anonymous

    They should culture HER NOSE for MRSA. Maybe she caused her husbands death

  • gasman

    Most MRSA in a hospital walks in off the street. People who have taken antibiotics at home for whatever reason will have their natural complement of bacteria altered and some resistance will be present even with one course. Sometimes they manage to select for MRSA.

    MRSA infections in the hospital are not so much acquired there, as they become apparent there. Patients become more vulnerable to their own, or their families bacteria.

    At my children’s hospital patients identified with MRSA are placed on isolation. Health care workers gown and glove for all contact. Oddly, the parents of the kids, whom we can assume are also carriers, have no restrictions whatsoever, not just for contact with their own children, but for moving around the hospital and sharing their MRSA with everyone and everything.

    The only way to tackle the antibiotic resistance problem is to reduce the vastly wasteful and unnecessary antibiotic use in the community. Fully 95% of antibiotics have no reasonable clinical indication. Yet, the doc had better prescribe it ‘just incase’.

  • Anonymous

    If anything, i’ve vastly increased my prescribing of antibiotics. How am I supposed to see 50 patients in an 8 hour ER shift if i’m expected to actually sit down and talk to them and explain why they don’t need antibiotics? The only thing that counts when I worked is not getting sued, so I have to spend all my time being hyper-vigilant about that, not doing what’s “right for society”.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, your professional incompetence is all the fault of the victims who might file suit as a result of your negligence.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t blame the patients, who are the victims. The patients have nothing to do with health care anymore. It’s doctors treating lawyers. The patients might as well not show up anymore, just have the lawyer scumbags show up at the hospital and we can pump you full of antibiotics for your depressive illnesses, do CT scans on you for your viral gastros, CTs, MRI’s and lumbar punctures for your stress headaches.

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