This op-ed wants patients to have more autonomy in their medication chocies. “To continue to suggest that patients should be passive recipients of whatever is doled out to them by the NHS, or would become pill-popping morons without the toughest state control, is offensive. Nobody wants to take a breast cancer drug that doesn’t have a good chance of doing them some good. Few would risk the unwanted side-effects of most medicines without good evidence that it might help them. Publish all the data (and I mean all of it) and let people decide. Then let them go to a doctor if they wish to seek further advice on their decision.”


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  • MedSleuth

    Patients need to take some responsibility for investigating and partnering with their physicians when choosing medications to take. It is unrealistic to expect a physician to be aware of all of the different drugs available to treat a condition and all of the associated side effects. I am amazed at the number of individuals who just accept a prescription at the doctor’s office without having any idea what the medication is, what it is being prescribed for, and potential side effects and interactions. It is time for patients to realize that they need to become educated partners in treatment decisions.