“Shatner marveled at the purity of the pain.” Yes, kidney stones hurt.

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  • Anonymous

    I love a good case of fresh kidney stones. You can be a patients hero by relieving their pain.

    I hate the dope addict that pricks blood into his urine sample to try to score some dilaudid

  • Anonymous

    Why do they always say they’re going to sue you when you figure out they’re a seeker and you kick them out?

  • geena

    “Was taken to a hospital in an ambulance”??? And to think I was just driven in a lowly Jetta when I had mine… :-)

  • Anonymous

    When I had my first, I felt something cold on my shoulder and looked up and it was the floor!

    Unbelievable pain. I was pacing the floor because I couldn’t be still. Finally got 3 doses of morphine that finally knocked the edge off.

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