Sex to treat back pain? Uh, I don’t think this doctor was practicing evidence-based medicine.

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  • kateykakes

    Good Lord! She’s just as much of an idiot as her doc. I’d venture to say she’s just a few fries short of a Happy Meal!


  • Anonymous

    Won’t she tell us whether it was effective or not?

  • Eye Doc

    This guy was set up, and but good. Where can I sign up? Four million dollars to have consenual sex, even with somebody I’m not attracted to, sounds like a helluva good deal to me.

  • Anonymous

    To kateykakes: No she’s not an idiot. She saw an opportunity for a jackpot in our jackpot society.
    Remember that young blond who married a decrepit 87 year old multimillionaire who died a few months later and saw that she could inherit millions?

  • Samson Isberg

    This I do not understand. In effect, she is collecting money from a man because he has had sex with her. If he had given her 10$ right away in stead of 4 million, wouldn’t she be behind bars by now for prostitution?
    And her lawyer getting his share, isn’t he then a pimp?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for illustrating the problem with your profession guys. Nothing is ever your fault. It’s always someone else’s.

    Codes of professional conduct? Why, it’s the other party’s fault for not making this doctor follow them!

  • Anonymous

    The doc is an idiot and deserves whatever sanctions the medical board determines, very poor judgment and unprofessional, and criminal, if he billed his actions as a treatment.

    That being said, you cannot convince me this wasn’t consensual. The patient could have walked out, run out, or got a second opinion. This was an orthopedic evaluation, not a psychiatric evaluation, unless you believe that the doctor had some Svengali-like power over this patient that he could compel her to do something against her will again and again but with no sign of coercion. That is just not believable.

    Do I think she saw an opportunity for enrichment and that that was a motivator to continue? Absolutely. Both parties are guilty here. IMHO, she doesn’t deserve a dime.

  • kateykakes

    Anonymous 1:02 PM,

    I agree completely.

    Part of what bothers me so much are the insane lawsuits that are brought about, not only in the medical field, but in everyday life. It’s disgusting.

    Our court system was meant for this kind of garbage.

    I could spew much in regards to those issues, but I dont’ want to take it off topic anymore than I already did – besides that, it’ll get me fired up regarding liberals!

    BTW, why is everyone so anonymous? At least be a little creative and give some sort of name. :p

  • Bad Shift

    They may have been co-conspirators at first, ripping off insurance company to have sex. Then, she double crossed him! Good for her for sticking it to an idiot doc and a blight on the profession. Pretty brilliant and devious.

  • Anonymous

    If you want to be fair about it, they both ought to be cited for solicitation to prostitution.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, katey, sexual harrassment is such a waste of time. She should have shut her mouth and thanked him that someone would give her the time of day.

    We need more quality conservatives like you out there! Clearly, this was just some liberal whacko. No way she could have voted for Bush!

  • kateykakes

    I meant to say our court system was NOT meant for this kind of garbage…

    If the wench’s only intention was to make a buck off the doc, shame on her.

    She should have reported the doc from the beginning when he made sexual advances and suggested having intercourse w/ her.

  • drdarcy

    Yeah, I think Bad Shift might be on to something here … what exactly is the CPT code for “Office Visit, Sexual Intercourse”? Do you need to get pre-authorization? He’s doing the time for insurance fraud (which I think is appropriate), not sexual assault. Had this been a non-consensual situation, sexual assault charges would be appropriate.

  • Anonymous

    Good for her for sticking it to an idiot doc and a blight on the profession. Pretty brilliant and devious.
    I’d second that. The doctor was clearly a jerk who thought with the wrong part of his body and instead of punishing him by calling the board (and getting nothing for herself), she got rich. Cool. She can even sell movie rights now.
    If only I could find someone who’d give me $4 million … Must be healthy. Younger Robert Radford lookalike preferred. Any takers?

  • Anonymous

    Patients are always looking for alternative medicine. She finds an alternative and then has the gall to complain.

    She never alleged malpractice, which in this case would have meant a bad experience in bed (or exam table or wherever they were).

    How is her back now. If better then great.

    I wonder what would have happened if she went in complaining of a sore throat?