The pink ribbon to support breast cancer has some critics. “In America, there is opposition to the ‘pink bandwagon’, where Breast Cancer Action claims that many companies are wrapping a pink ribbon around their products, yet slipping the stingiest of donations into the pot.

And here, the Women’s Environmental Network (WEN), which supports Breast Cancer Action’s campaign, claims that, besides commercialising a serious illness, the cosmetic companies are drawing the focus away from the steps women can take to prevent cancer.”


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  • gasman

    I recall a Seinfeld episode where Jerry was taunted because he would not wear the ribbon-of-the-day for the cause-of-the-day.

    Breast cancer is one of those groups that utilizes high pressure sales tactics to obtain public display of the pink ribbon on individuals, companies, and in media, especially free ‘news’ coverage.

    I’m now about as happy to deal with pink ribbon pushers as I am with United Way.

    [Why unhappy with United Way. They encourage an donation structure whereby my boss, and my boss's boss know how much I give. My boss wants his underlings to give lots because this reflects well on him. It goes on up the line all the way to the top.
    When someone does err by giving too little, it has a way of getting around. Charity as run by United Way is anything but voluntary; coersion at all different levels is rampant]