A mother spent two hours waiting with her sick baby while the doctor they were due to see was passing in front of them on a unicycle. “Miss Dadswell, 33, had taken her six-month-old son James to South Tyneside District Hospital, South Shields, after he fell ill.

As they waited to be seen, she watched the young doctor practising his one-wheel feats up and down the corridors of Ward 12 as nurses looked on.

He eventually put down the unicycle, picked up his notes and walked over to assess James’s condition.”

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  • Anonymous

    Wow an ear infection. That doesn’t even need a doctor or antibiotics

  • Phil

    “We needed this period of time for the condition to settle so we could assess it and we apologise if this wasn’t explained properly.”

    Can anyone explain this? Why do you have to wait in order to diagnose an ear infection? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe he just needed to get seen and assessed, so his mother wouldn’t be anxiously wondering why her baby was ill, and why she had to wait two hours while an idle doctor goofed around on a bike to entertain the staff (there being no other patinets around to be entertained)? Besides, how would the mother know whay her baby wasn’t eating and keeping food down?

    There seems to have been at minimum some miscommunication that added to the mother’s distress. The hospital says the wait was necessary “to allow the condition to settle” – I’m not sure what to make of that. They talk funny over there.

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