Handcuffs in an unnecessary arrest may end this aspiring craniofacial surgeon’s career. “Dominick Golio was released on $100 bail about 1 a.m. and issued an appearance ticket requiring him to appear in City Court on Oct. 31. The suspended license charge was dropped after it was determined his driver’s license was valid and had never been suspended.

After his release, Golio had his left hand examined at the White Plains Hospital Center emergency room, where he was diagnosed with sensory radial nerve palsy, also known as ‘handcuff palsy,’ because it occurs if handcuffs are applied too tightly. He has subsequently been diagnosed with Wartenberg’s syndrome, a condition that causes significant pain to the forearm, frequently caused by direct trauma.”


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  • Greg P

    Well, how strongly can we smell a lawsuit coming?
    At worst he may develop some sort of chronic regional pain syndrome.
    He isn’t necessarily any more deserving of sympathy than all the Joe Schmoes who have this happen to them.

  • Anonymous

    Oh — but lawyers are EVIL!! They are parasites! You don’t want to SUE–that raises the cost of police service for everyone and will lead to DEFENSIVE policing.

    And, cops are just doing the best they can do under extremely difficult circumstances–which we as laymen could not possibly understand. We shouldn’t BLAME the cops, oh no. Maybe we could introduce a mandatory insurance program for abuse from cops–KevinMD would no doubt support it.

  • Anonymous

    There is a product on the market called Cuff Calipers. It is a scale that if used would have saved that cop.

  • Anonymous

    This is a very regrettable story and certainly highlights the fact that the Police did not do their job properly in checking the license. Where does this person go to undo the damage?

  • Anonymous

    why do u post this? u may have ruined his reputation.

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