A doctor confronts an in-flight emergency. “We were confronted with a 72-year-old Japanese woman who was noted to be disoriented shortly before she collapsed. She hit her head on the door of the toilet as she fell to the floor. She was half-conscious when we got to her.”

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  • Samson Isberg

    I know of a Norwegian doctor who responded in a similar case; upon arrival in the US (the patient was a US citizen) she sued him for whatever he was worth (and Norwegian doctors aren’t worth one hell of a lot, monetary-wise), as far as I know he’s still involved in that lawsuit of many years ago, he’s still wondering if he should mortgage his house or what.
    So whenever they ask me “occupation” abroad, I always say “writer” – which is true, but not the whole truth. Like an American MD said on this blog – “If that guy falls. I’m outta here”.

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