A doctor and nurse are sued for a tragic case of amniotic fluid embolism.


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  • Anonymous

    How about tragic and AVOIDABLE.?

    I’ve heard lot’s of Cytotec horror stories, she probably was given too much.

    “Everyone’s got a ticket, and when yours is up, it’s up”

    I recommend nobody ever say things like this when you have just given a drug that caused someone’s uterus to tear. The sentiment might apply to sudden meteor showers or Lightning strikes, or tragic anvil-on-the-widowsill accidents, but it’s just bad manners when a healthy young patient is killed because of the treatment she got/didn’t get from you.

  • Samson Isberg

    Why did he want to induce labor at all? The story cites no medical reason for induction, and if this indeed is the case, this is a purely iatrogenic death. Cytotec is cheap, effective – and dangerous; there are plenty of other ways to induce labor, safer but more time-consuming and therefore more expensive; but above all – leaving nature to run its course without interfering is in my opinion the ultimate choice in most cases.

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