Jury selection has been completed in the second Vioxx trial

“The proceedings moved quickly, however, as one person after another declared an inability to remain impartial, or insisted being a juror on a trial that could last up to six weeks would be a hardship.

One man, for instance, stood up as soon as his name was called and, instead of sitting in the jury box, quickly said a friend had died after taking Vioxx. Higbee dismissed him immediately.

Another man was equally adamant about holding a bias in favor of Vioxx and also was dismissed. ‘I’d rather have my Vioxx,’ he said, as he limped out of the courtroom while leaning on a cane.”

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  • Anonymous

    This case has a real problem for the plaintiff. The guy is still alive and looks well. Less likely to bring this jury to tears. Maybe this Chris Seeger character can kill his client to make the jury more sympathetic to his cause.

  • Anonymous

    Lots of 60-year old males have heart attacks. Kind of difficult to prove it was caused by Vioxx… Of course this also applies to many other drug-related cases (e.g. HRT) and it didn’t stop lawyers.

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