The whistle-blower at Pfizer is being isolated

“First, his employees stopped reporting to him. Then his supervisors stopped returning his calls and now he does not know whom to report to. His secretary left, he said, and he was moved to an office near Pfizer’s security department at a company building in Peapack, N.J. The latest blow came Monday, the morning after Dr. Rost, 46, appeared on a segment of ’60 Minutes’ on CBS about drug prices – a follow-up to his news conference on the subject last year with members of Congress and to the opinion pieces he has written for The New York Times and other newspapers. Ready, as always, to put in a full day at the office, Dr. Rost turned on his computer Monday and tried for the first time in almost two weeks to log into his Pfizer e-mail account.

Access denied.

Because his corporate cellphone also was suddenly not working, Dr. Rost was reduced to using his Hotmail account to send e-mail messages to reporters to report his electronic exile.”

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  • Anonymous

    I want to be a whistle blower.

    My hospitalist practice has contracted with the hospital to shorten length of stay.

    It means that we push people out of the hospital as soon as possible, without accounting on the impact of that for the general state of health down the road.

    It’s really dangerous.

    I wish there would be a whistleblower foundation for support.

  • Anonymous

    Just look for another job. This is a conflict of interest, especially if there is a financial incentive involved. If anything happens you will lose sleep plus a jury will have no mercy. I wouldn’t.
    After you found another job, report the problem to the malpractice carrier.

  • Anonymous

    >>I wish there would be a whistleblower foundation for support.

    If you “blow the whistle” you may find yourself peer-reviewed out of a career…..and in need of their help.

    The way peer review is set up in this country, a determined administrator with one doctor on his side could kick anyone off staff.

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