Reassurance: Men worried about having a small penis are usually pretty average, but have a false idea of what the normal size is

“This best way to reassure men with penile concerns is to educate them, the author of the report says. Men should know that a normal-sized penis is 1.6 inches or more when flaccid or 2.76 inches when stretched out.”

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  • Alois

    1.6 inches when flacid! I don’t believe that. that is like the size of my thumb- after the second knuckle!
    No flippin way!

  • Anonymous 1

    I’m guess that’s some sort of threshold for normal, not actual “average” size. Or maybe the weenie-trends in Cairo are to blame for the low numbers?

    Won’t relate any personal observations, except, if those figures are true, Virginia penises are like lake Wobegon children.

  • Bob Vineyard, CLU

    So . . . only slightly above average, huh?

    Well then why even bother?

    No further comment . . .

  • Ian

    I posted about this topic on my blog as well. It appears that the study author acquired those numbers from a different study about men who sought penile enlargement surgery, so as you might guess it’s a bit on the small side. If you use their general guideline, though, of 2-2.5 standard deviations as being the accepted definition of “small” (which makes some degree of sense, I think, assuming a normal distribution), and then look at a more representative sample, such as a 2001 study of men and condom usage that showed an average of 5.6 inches, then you get a more plausible lower end of “normal”: 3.7-4.1 inches.

    By the way, I just linked to your blog — hope you don’t mind!

  • DrTony

    How many men are reaching for a ruler right now?

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