A man sues his surgeon because his operation was delayed

“WBAL-TV 11 News reporter Lowell Melser said Fultz did hear that his doctor, Dr. Udayan Shah, wouldn’t operate until he took a break for dinner and a rest.

‘The doctor told me that he was going to leave the hospital because he had been doing excessive work and he needed to go home and rest,’ Fultz said. ‘He needed to see his wife and have dinner and then return and perform the operation later.’

Fultz said when Shah did return the next day, his appendix had burst and he needed a much more serious operation.”

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  • Anonymous

    Probably some lessons for this doctor to learn about being careful about what you say.

    Of course, the patient’s (and the media’s) take on this is that the appendix obviously wasn’t ruptured the day before — maybe, maybe not.

  • Judy

    You might be interested in the WJZ story.

    Fultz says he arrived at the emergency room at 11:45 am. Shah saw him and the appendicitis was confirmed around 5 pm. Fultz surgery was not performed until 2:30 am the next day.

    They also mention OR scheduling as an issue. If the doc really said what the man says he said, he could use some lessons in prudent speech.

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