Some medical schools are using acting classes to teach doctors to become more empathic

“I would argue that these physicians should be very well trained or most patients will see right through the act.”


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  • james gaulte

    I blogged on this a few weeks ago ( thought that the authors of a JAMA article were only recommending acting classes ,is anyone aware of any schools acting giving acting classes? (I hope not)

  • Maurice Bernstein, M.D.

    I wrote about medical school “standardized patients” on my bioethic s blog a couple weeks ago or so. At our school (Univ. of So. Calif.), these patients are professional actors and are schooled only in the medical aspects of the scenario they are to play and the observation of student behavior and how to provide feedback to the students. There is no school to teach medical students “how to act”. Empathy is to be feltand not acted out. ..Maurice.