Prices for brand-name prescription drugs increased by 7.1% – 2.5 times the general inflation rate of 2.7% – between 2003 and 2004

Prices for generic medications increased by only 0.5% during the same period. For many common diseases (like sinusitis and hypertension), there should be no reason why generics cannot be used.


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  • Anonymous

    I’m a consulting engineer and my clients always expect me to find the cheapest reasonable solutions to their problems. When there are options they should consider despite higher cost, I offer them as options. Are doctors afraid of getting into these cost details, or are these details just not available?

  • Dreaming again

    All the doctor has to do is mark generic OK, then the patient can price comparison and the pharmacy.

    Personally, I don’t want my doctor’s to have to keep a running tab of how much the medications cost in their heads in addition to all the other information they need to keep up there.

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