For a fee, you too can be named “Physician of the Year”
“To receive his award as ‘Physician of the Year,’ Dr. Rudolph Mueller learned he would have to make a $1,250 contribution to the National Republican Congressional Committee. He also learned he wasn’t the only ‘Physician of the Year.’”

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  • Michael Rack, MD

    Last year I donated some money to the Republicans. This year I got the same fax as in the article, except that they wanted a little more than $1,250 from me (I decided not to pay for the award). It’s pretty obvious that this is not a genuine award for merit. The article mentions that “on the Internet, ABC News found physicians across the country doing just that — listing NRCC’s Physician of the Year among their honors and credentials.” It’s fine to donate money to a political party that you believe in. But any physician who would list this phoney award on his CV is pathetic.
    Michael Rack, MD

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