Asian American doctors are being stereotyped on TV

“I’ve been watching Grey’s Anatomy, a new hospital drama about surgical interns. Sandra Oh has a prominent role as Cristina Yang, an uber-competitive tough cookie who looks out for herself and doesn’t seem to have much interest in the human aspects of being a doctor — she’s in it for the amazing science of it. Nothing seems to make her more excited than the thought of scrubbing in and cutting some people up.

I can barely remember ER, but wasn’t this the kind of character Ming Na played? Wasn’t her character accused of being, well, too clinical? Those Asian robot doctors, so stoic and unfeeling, all about the science and not about the patients.”


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  • Anonymous

    What robot? Two episodes, and I saw a temper, and a touch of a Rhoda vibe going on.

    I kind of groaned at how girly-med the show is, all saving babies with “competent caring” and cure shoes in the locker and the Ben Casey Light boyfriend.. Her I-pod playlist emoting all the eff over the place drove me bats.

    I liked the part about the formerly mean mom with alzheimers, though.

  • Anonymous

    “cute” shoes, not “cure” shoes.

  • Anonymous

    I like the show. I think people who see Sandra Oh’s character as analogous to Ming-Na’s “Deb Chen” are jumping to conclusions. The show has been developing characters gradually and “Christina Yang” is emerging bit by bit. She’s a Stanford grad from Beverly Hills — everything has always come easy to her. She may desperately want to do “cool cases”, but there’s a white male resident who’s the same way. And you can tell the other residents are keen, too, but not as vocal as those two.