No surprise, the neurologist who testified that Terri Schiavo is in a persistent vegetative state is under constant fire

“He’s called some doctors who disagree with him ‘pro-life fanatics,’ and others quacks and charlatans.

No legitimate neurologist in the world, he says, would look at the evidence in this case and dispute that Terri Schiavo is in a permanent vegetative state.”

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  • Saint Nate

    What’s sad about this is that Dr. Cranford is doing his job and folling AAN criteria ( to a T. He is acting ethically in regards to the medical guidelines – it’s not fault Schiavo’s supporters can’t accept the diagnosis.

    I’m glad he has confidence enough in himself to maintain his stand while acknowledging how he’s losing the PR war. He’s finding himself in the odd position of being hated for telling the truth instead of what people want to hear.

  • GG

    Saint nate,
    How is Dr. Cranford telling people what they don’t want to hear? He was chosen by Michael Schiavo, and told the court exactly what Michael wanted him to say. Michael probably chose him because of his history of advocacy for “right to die,” knowing this neurologist was more likely than most to declare Terri PVS. The parents followed suit by hiring a neurologist whose background was more pro-life, and they got the statement they wanted. This is called expert shopping. Lawyers do it all the time in malpractice cases. Spare the rhetoric on “noble” Dr. Cranford. This is why a court should appoint an impartial neurologist with no history of advocacy on this issue. Justice cannot be done when opposing sides are just shopping for their own special expert.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve seen Dr. Cranford several times on the television these last couple of days and all I can say is that he is a true and comsumate professional and I fully understand his frustration with various ill-informed, anti-choice zealots who refuse to examine the evidence.

  • Cat Stone-watching from afar

    Since when does a comsumate professional say things like “She may as well be dead.”, ask reporters “are you stupid?”, refer to fellow doctors as “quacks, idiots and charlatons”, and give an absolute diagnosis on any neuro state, esp after a 45 min exam.

    Good thing I have manners or I have to ask YOU if you are stupid.

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