A doctor was sued after penis lengthening surgery ruined the patient’s libido

“Eric Neuberger, 31, contends his pre-operation libido let him ‘engage in intercourse approximately 30 to 50 times a month.’

But his sexual appetite was destroyed by Dr. Rodney Barron’s work, Neuberger said.”

Not sure that phalloplasty commonly causes a decreased libido. Any urologists care to comment?

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  • Anonymous

    I didn’t see a claim of lost libido, per se.
    From the sketchy details of the article, it seems he alleges scarring and pain interfere with his ability to engage in sexual activity. He says, because of scarring and pain, he is only able to “manage” sex about once a month. So it may be his ability to perform and enjoy sex is diminished, though he still desires to have sex frequently.

    The the prospect of severe discomfort may diminish his interest, I suppose.

    His surgeon states Neuberger “injured himself during sex.”

  • Anonymous

    Just read another article that says he is now “all but impotent.” Damaged nerves and blood vessels could be to blame, could they not?

  • Anonymous

    This particular physician has been indicted by the CA Medical Board and the CA Attorney General on NUMEROUS occasions. Apparently he earns enough money to afford some very high priced legal counsel – because none of the charges have ever stuck in their original form. Although he has been sued until he can no longer obtain medical mal practice coverage at any price from any carrier. Unfortunately, in this area of medicine one must be aware that many of the practioners are in it for the money and nothing more. Pity – because done correctly this surgery works and works well. It can and does change lives for the better -when perfomred on the right patient by a skilled surgeon.

    Given the level of lawsuits (successful ones) and lack of malpractice coverage it would seem that BARRON is not the surgeon one should be going to, regardless of his advertising budget!!

    Caveat Emptor? Yes, definitely!

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